Lack of Posts

No excuses on this end, I just haven't given a shit about updating this blog. I know a website should be maintained more than an Instagram account but I drifted away from updating both for a while, at least I was productive during my absence. In the past few months I helped establish the Cyber Crime Center at the University of New Haven, became the co-founder of the Properly Relieved Project which is a organization set on providing more depth to the American perception of its modern veterans, and to top it off my brother and I teamed up to create Williams Brothers Photo where we'll be taking on weddings and other lifestyle/adventure work. To be frank, I will be updating the photo catalogues more often than the blog postings but keep an eye out for some interesting posts in the near future. In the mean time head on over to the Facebook pages of both companies and lets us know what you think. 

The Properly Relieved Project:

Williams Brother Photo:

Thanks for the support!